We design, manufacture and sharpen broaching tools for internal gears, grooves and many other geometries.

Due to the close proximity of the broaching tool construction to the contract broaching department, the experience flows directly into the construction of our tools.

Only the highest quality tools leave our company, that is what the name MESSER stands for.

A high-quality tool is used for broaching, the geometry of which predefines the shape as well as the dimensions and tolerances of the profiles created during machining in the workpiece. Regular maintenance by resharpening and coating the tool also plays a key role here. Our range of services for your broaching tools include:

broaching tools construction

The geometry and structure of the tool determine the contour of the shape to be broached.The broach with its staggered cutting wedges is ideally designed so that the chip thickness, dimension of the chip chamber, the feed integrated in the tool and much more are
precisely coordinated and optimized.

broaching tools resharpening

Do you broach yourself and need a partner to maintain your tools? Then you are exactly right with us! Our specialists understand their craft. We are happy to carry out regular resharpening for you and take a close look at your broaching tools! Our expertise ranges from checking the concentricity to analyzing the causes of destruction, advising and correcting errors when using the tool. From experience, we advise you to think about resharpening even before damage to the cutting edges becomes visible to the naked eye. Premature broaching is often caused by a delay in resharpening and is the main reason for the reduction in tool life.
Regular regrinding maintains precision and improves economic efficiency. Premature broaching does not have to be! We offer training on:
„Proper handling of broaching tools“ and are happy to come to your company for this. Convince yourself of our quality. Just write an email, we will call you.

broaching tool equipment

You can find everything you need to know about the safe transport and proper storage of your broaching tools on our „Trade“ page.

broaching tool manufacturing

We pursue 2 goals with our broaching tools:
Highest quality and maximum service life.
We use state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines to manufacture the tools directly at the company’s location in Neulingen.
Our many years of experience, regular test series and quality controls in close contact with our customers make us a quality leader in broaching tools.

broaching tool coating

A coated broaching tool brings economic advantages such as: Longer service life, less re-sharpening and maintenance of dimensional accuracy and surface quality.
Depending on the material to be broached, we use various coatings such as TiN, TiCN or Alcrona.

broaching tool repair

Is your tool broken or has broken teeth? A case for our broaching workshop! Send us your damaged broach and we will do everything we can to get it working again. Error analysis and tips for avoiding tool destruction are part of the service.

refurbished grooving tools

for bargain hunters! The current list of offers with a selection of reconditioned grooving tools can be found on our page: „Trade“ or select the PDF „Special offer“ in the download area.

Broaches for feather keyways
The introduction of feather keyways into hubs is a typical area of ​​application for grooving tools. So that grooves can be made in a round hole despite the rectangular tool cross-section, we also design the corresponding device in which the tool is guided and the dimensions of which are matched to the hole of your workpieces.

broaches for profiles
Our daily bread is the construction of broaching tools for tooth hub profiles, serrated tooth profiles, multi-surface profiles, double-surface profiles or polygon profiles.
broaches for special profiles
Again and again we design tools for broaching very special profile geometries. There are no limits to your imagination and your individual project can be realized.
polygonal broaches

Shaft-hub connections with polygonal profiles have convincing advantages and are essential for specific tasks. Broaching needles for polygon profiles are requested, for example, in mechanical engineering for broaching drive elements of high-speed machine tools.

broaches for helical broaching

We design helical broaching needles for 2 broaching variants as required:
– we design the tool in such a way that the cutting edges define the angle of rotation of the profile and set the workpiece in the corresponding rotation, for this you also need a rotatable holder for the workpiece.
– we design tools for helical broaching machines that generate the inclined inner profile by rotating the broaching tool.

broaches for hard broaching

Hard broaching places special demands on the configuration of the tool. HSS steels with diamond and special coatings are used here. Usually the tool consists of a tool holder and attached solid carbide bush with a special coating.

external broaching tools

Tools that are guided along the outside of the workpiece are required for external broaching. Due to the high forces, special holding devices for the workpiece are required. In contrast to internal broaching, external broaching is in direct competition with milling and grinding.