Contract Broaching with MESSER

Do you need the manufacturing processes of broaching or pulling to process your orders?

Then nothing stands in the way of our partnership
Well-known companies from the automotive, drive and aerospace technology sectors have been placing their trust in us for years and have commissioned us to manufacture certain products using the contract process.

If you need a partner temporarily to cope with production peaks or you want to concentrate more on your core competence, then contact us. We will make you a non-binding offer for your special wishes and products.

Broaching is a cutting process for the production of interior and exterior profiles. The most common application is the broaching of interior profiles. The broach is pulled with a hydraulic cylinder through the hole in the workpiece and gripped on the other side. Then the actual work movement begins, which describes a linear movement. In this way, a wide variety of profiles can be introduced into the workpiece in accordance with the contour of the broach. When it comes to clearing, we specialize in clearing interior profiles.

groove broaching

We broach or mill feather keyways from groove width 1mm to 40mm including inch, special and intermediate dimensions.

for example: DIN 7155, DIN 6885, DIN 6886, DIN 6887, DIN 10, DIN 79, DIN 138, DIN 3120, DIN 9611, ISO 500
Larger groove widths are special dimensions. Here we manufacture customer-specific tools.

hard broaching

Internal gears on hardened components are carried out with very special tools. Several broaching operations may also be necessary, for example before and after hardening. Hard broaching is generally possible in our company, including the resharpening of the tools. There are no standard tools here. The cost of a hard broaching tool must be in proportion to the number of pieces.


Bumping is the introduction of profiles into non-continuous holes or blind holes. We always need a through hole for the interior broaching technique. We would be happy to name a reliable partner company in the eroding of grooves and profiles in blind holes.

external broaching

In contrast to internal broaching, external broaching is in direct competition with milling and grinding. It is only used for large quantities. Appropriate projects require long-term planning. Contact us.

helical broaching

helical broaching is also called screw broaching and creates a helical toothed profile.


Pulling is used in particular for wide feather keyways and long workpiece lengths.
Our maximum groove width is 40 mm for standard grooves according to DIN 6885. The maximum groove length is 1,000 mm. We are happy to manufacture the appropriate customer broaching tool for wider groove sizes.

by the way: For broaching tools that were manufactured for your order and that are used for broaching in our house, regular resharpening is included!

microbroaching and large parts

 We broach profiles with a diameter from Ø5 mm to Ø350 mm

  • maximum workpiece size: 1000 mm
  • weight: up to 500 Kg

dry broaching

No cooling lubricant is used for dry broaching.
To meet the challenges of this process, both specially configured broaching tools and the corresponding broacher know-how are necessary!
The changed forces and heat development of this process affect the service life of the tool.

profile broaching

We have an extensive range of services for broaching interior profiles. And: We broach almost every material!

tooth hub profile / involute gear
for example: DIN 5480, DIN 5481, DIN 5482; DIN 5480-1, DIN 5480-2, DIN 5480-15, DIN 5480-16, DIN 867, ANSI B92
crown gearing and appropriate gearing
DIN 5481, DIN 5482
splined hub profiles
for example DIN 5464, DIN5461, DIN 5462, DIN 5463, ISO14, DIN 5471, DIN 5472
internal helical gearing

Among other things, we broach helical gears for planetary gears. See also: helical broaching

polygonal inner profiles
Internal square, hexagonal, octagonal and so on, we broach every wrench size!
single- and multi-surface profiles

We broach parts with mechanical connections using one-, two- or multi-surface profiles for mechanical engineering.

polygonal profiles

for very positive shaft-hub connections with high centering accuracy. The shaft is manufactured with special polygon grinding machines, polygon hubs are broached by us.

special profile
Send us your concept drawing and we will realize your special inner profile!
ring spanner
Also: open-ended wrench. With both products, we can create the internal geometry by broaching.