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 „broaching is an economical working method, because complicated shapes that require no rework can be produced with one hub, in no time“

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We rely on customer-friendly delivery times for both broaching, broach-manufacturing and re-sharpening.

Depending on the lot size, we need an average time of 5-7 working days for contract broaching.

When building new broaching tools, a delivery time of 8 weeks is possible

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We create a detailed offer for each request with graduated prices and delivery time.

After ordering and receiving your parts you automatically receive an order confirmation.

As soon as your parts are processed we will send you a message.

You can receive invoices as you like, electronically or in hard copy.

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You need to broach parts or need a broaching tool?
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E.g. material, broaching length, quantities, condition before or after external machining? The more accurate your details, the faster you will receive your offer.

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Technicians, engineers, business administrators, industrial masters, mechanical engineers, round and flat grinders, industrial clerks, work mates, quality managers, toolmakers, cutting machine operators, warehouse operators, machine and plant operators, computer gurus, routiniers, trainees, …


We deliver top reconditioned and sharpened groove-broaching tools at affordable prices.

Did you know that we also purchase your used tools?

Ensure a long service life of your broach with the corresponding protective components …

The company Richard Messer Metal works factory originated in the economic miracle years, a time that was still characterized by the impressions of the Second World War but also by reconstruction mood and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the vicinity of today’s company headquarters, mechanical engineer Richard Messer ventures into self-employment in 1956 and opens a mechanical workshop below the site of our present-day company building. He starts offering clearance services. He built his first broaching machine himself. The driving force for the broach was the hydraulic drive of a disused US dump truck. Meanwhile, our family business is already successfully in the market in the third generation. Over the past 60 years, we have been steadily expanding production capacity. Even in difficult times, our company has always been able to prove its solid foundation.

Company philosophy
We see ourselves as an example of continuity and sustainable development.
The base of our success are satisfied customers.
We listen close and face the challenges, are self-critical and constantly working on improvements and new solutions.
We appreciate motivated employees and value a good working atmosphere.
Our executives are role models, they promote commitment and responsibility.
Together with our employees, we form a strong team, that has a lot to do in the future!

Richard Messer founded the company

years we steadily expanded our company and our production capacities