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Broaching is a cutting technique, a technical process to produce intermal or extermal profiles.
The most common application for broaching is manufacturing of internal profiles.
It involves a bar-shaped Broaching-Needle being pulled through the hole of the part to be machined, which is held in a clamp. The Broaching tool or Broaching needle is equipped with cutting teeth that project to an increasing degree and gradually – in an even, linear cutting motion – produces the required contour.
Our company is specialized in broaching internal contours and profiles. The range of our service regarding contract broaching includes:

Broaching Of Keyways

We are broaching keyway grooves from groove width 1mm to 50 mm including both, metric and imperial measurements as well as non-standard measurements

For example: DIN 7155, DIN 6885, DIN 6886, DIN 6887, DIN 10, DIN 79, DIN 138, DIN 3120, DIN 9611, ISO 500

Hard Boaching

Internal toothing on hardened components is made with very special tools. Several broaching operations may be necessary before and after hardening.

Slotting / Shaping

Slotting or shaping means producing grooves, keyways, polygonal, single or double surface profiles or hexagon sockets into non-through drill hole or so called blind hole.
For this technique we will recommend you a partner company of ours.

Exterior Broaching

In contrast to internal broaching exterior broaching stands in direct competition with milling and grinding technology. It makes economic sense in large quantities.

Helical Broaching

Helical broaching produces a spiral shaped inner contour using a tool with helical teeth or diagonal toothing


The drawing is used in particular for wide keyways and large workpiece lengths.
Our maximum groove width is 100 mm and the maximum groove length is 700 mm.

Micro spaces and large parts

We clear profiles with a diameter from 3mm to 350mm

    • Maximum workpiece size: 1000mm
    • Weight: up to 500 kilo

“dry”- broaching

No cooling lubricant is used here. With the appropriately configured broaching tools and the corresponding know-how, we are up to the challenges of the forces and heat development of this special procedure.

Internal Profiles

We have an extensive range of services when it comes to broaching of profiles. And: we broach almost any materials!

Gear Hub Profiles / Involute Toothing

For Example: DIN 5480, DIN 5481, DIN 5482; DIN 5480-1, DIN 5480-2, DIN 5480-15, DIN 5480-16, DIN 867, ANSI B92

Gears and Splines
DIN 5481, DIN 5482
Spline Profiles
For Example: DIN 5464, DIN5461, DIN 5462, DIN 5463, ISO14, DIN 5471, DIN 5472
Helical Gearings

We broach ring gears or planetary gear trains with precise concentricity.

Intermal Multi-Edge-Profiles

Squares, Hexangons, Octogonals and many more– we are broaching any key width!

Profiles with one or Dihedron Dihedrals

single D or double D.

polygonal profile

For positive-locking shaft-hub connections with precise concentricity.

The shaft is made with special polygon grinding machines.

We can broach the polygon hub.

Special Profiles

Send us your drawings and we realize your special interior profile.

Open–end wrench open-ended spanner
For this product we can broach the inner contour.